For over ten years the band has been performing and playing its own style of music to anyone willing to listen. Faces may have changed but the sound has always remained true.
As a trio that touches to many genres to list we pride ourselves on having something to offer everyone.

Take a tour of the site and we hope you enjoy our music.

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Nub News..
The band recently stopped by Sweet Dream Studio in Portland and laid down some tracks with our friend Frank Hopkins. A total of 22 songs were finished with roughly 16 or so moving forward. We had a wonderful time and Frank did a great job for us, we highly recommend his services.

Upcoming Dates..
Currently the band is only actively trying to get on the bills at some local festivals held in Maine. Our main focus recently has been on recording the songs we have. With over 50 originals finished and numerous more in the final stages it was important for us to be able to offer new material to our fans.

Music For Charity..
We have some music available for download through reverb nation. Half of all sales from these downloads go to the charity World Vision in support of children. Thanks to any and all who participate.

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